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Bitcoin Group, an Australia-based bitcoin miner, seems to be really struggling to get through with its Initial Public Offering (IPO). According to recent reports, it has been postponed by another ... -- - Bitcoin Group. According to the IPO prospectus, the company has purchased 3,579 units of mining equipment including Ant Miner S5, S2, ASIC Miner Prisma and Dragon Miner equipment, but ... Bitcoin Group Warned by ASIC for Pre-IPO Publications Feb 13 2015 · 09:01 UTC Updated Jan 23 2020 · 13:09 by Eugenia Romanenko · 3 min read Photo: Simon Cunningham/Flickr Bitcoin Group Makes Retractions on Profitability & Aussie PM Bidding for IPO Shares Hans Lombardo October 21, 2015 No tags Following engagement with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Bitcoin Group has rushed to make some publically corrective statements ahead of its scheduled IPO in November. Bitcoin Group is returning $5.9m, it raised from investors after the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) said the firm needed to raise more capital. For the bitcoin company, the road to an ASX IPO has been fraught with difficulties and setbacks. In 2015, Bitcoin Group was forced by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to make six different extensions to its IPO application and revisions to its IPO prospectus. ASIC continued to require Bitcoin Group to revise its ... Tymlez Group Limited (ASX:TYM) ... 10 times that outlined in its IPO prospectus,” the company said. “A library code is the ‘barcode’ that contains customer and product specific information and enables the transfer of information onto the blockchain. Library codes are also used and adapted to provide bespoke authentication solutions to customers for their products. “The IPO prospectus ...

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